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Child Evangelism Face PaintingEvangelism Booth

Face Painting

Face painting is sometimes offered in our booth. We use the Child Evangelism Fellowship approach of sharing the gospel using the Wordless Book and then painting a simple picture on the child's cheek, forehead or the back of their hand.

When doing face painting we use the five colors of the wordless book. As the painting is being done the painter tells the gospel story.

How Is The Face Painting Done?

We use water color pencils that allow the picture to be drawn instead of "painted." This makes it so easy that anyone can do face painting.

Face Painting PicturesThe children select the picture they want from a page showing thirteen pictures (shown to the right). The person doing the face painting copies the picture the child selects.

The Face Painting Rules

We only paint pictures on the child's cheek, forehead or the back of their hand. Some kids may ask to have the picture painted in other locations. Under no circumstances are pictures painted anywhere else other than on the cheek, forehead or the back of their hand.

What Is The Story?

As you paint each color tell the child what color you are using and what the color means.

Gold - represents God. God made everything. The trees. The mountains. And He made you just the way you are. God loves you very much. God is perfect. His home is in heaven.

Dark (black pencil. Always call; this color "dark.") - Dark represents sin. Sin is anything that we think, say or do that does not please God. The Bible says that sin must be punished.

Red - represents the perfect Son of God - Jesus - who never did anything wrong. He took our punishment for our disobeying God. God put your sin on Jesus. He willingly took your punishment on the cross. Christ gave His blood for us. He died and three days later came alive again. Now He is alive and living in heaven.

Telling The Gospel With Face PaintingClean (white pencil. Always call this color "clean.") - This color represents being "clean" from sin.

Ask the child: Do you believe in Jesus? Do you believe Jesus really was punished for your disobeying God instead of God punishing you?

Then review the meaning of the gold, dark and red colors.

Green - reminds us that things grow. Now that you believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, you should grow in Him. Growing means going to Sunday school and church. Growing means reading the Bible. Growing means obeying God. Growing means telling others about Jesus.

Alternatives To Face Painting

At some events we are not allowed to do face painting, usually because it would take business away from other booths that are selling face painting. What we'll do as an alternative is to help the children make bracelets using five colored beads.

Making Bracelets Using TheWordless Book ColorsAs each bead is handed to the children, for them to add to their bracelet, tell the story given above for that color.

The purpose is to not just make a bracelet, but to also go over the Wordless Book story a second time. This helps the children remember the story, and understand what the colors in the bracelet mean.

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