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Christian Apologetics

The following are the current online video Christian apologetics courses

Biblical Creation 101 - Science and Creation

Each video in this section is about 30 minutes in length. The lessons talk about science and show that the scientific evidence better fits the Biblical account than the evolution story. The following topics are covered:

  • Evolution - The Grand Experiment (three parts)
  • Biology (four parts - skin, hair, lungs and heart)
  • Physics (three parts - radiodating, helium dating, radio halos)
  • Geology (three parts - geological evidence for the flood)

Genesis and CreationBiblical Creation 102 - Answering Critics

Each video in this section is about 60 minutes in length. The lessons are designed to answers questions and attacks on the Biblical view of creation. The following topics are covered:

  • Introduction to Apologetics
  • Creation vs. Evolution
  • Refuting Arguments Against Biblical Creation
  • Refuting Alternatives Supported By Some Christians
  • Refuting Dawkins (The Greatest Show On Earth)

Extra Subjects

Mutations: Enemies Of Evolution

DNA research simultaneously released in 30 scientific papers in 2012 shows that what was formerly known as "junk DNA" has now been determined to have a function. The implications of this are that the DNA mutation rate is much higher than previously suspected, placing us in a condition of continuously getting worse, not better as evolution says. A series of three videos discuss this research and the conclusions.

Evolution: The Hidden Agenda

A video looking at the impact of evolution on culture. The principles of evolution are being applied throughout our culture. The result has been changes to how we think, how we are governed, and changes in education. The way we life our lives, and how we think about and understand God, have been changed by evolutionary principles.

What Christians fail to recognize is that this is not a battle between the Bible and science, this is a spiritual war. Evolution is just a tool Satan uses in the spiritual war. We have actually been winning the debate between the Bible and evolution, but we're losing the spiritual war.


Evolution And The Decline Of Morality

Evolution is not about science and finding truth about science. Evolution is about God and morality. Evolution is one way a foundation is provided for people to do what is right in their own eyes. It provides the means by which human desires for sin and be justified.

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