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Sharing With People During The Parade

You do not need to stop when the parade starts. You can continue to hand out tracts.

Evangelism During A ParadeOnce the parade starts it can be noisy and people's attention is on the parade. If is difficult to have a conversation. But you can continue to hand out tracts.

You may walk in the road, along the side of the road. At times a the parade may need the entire width of the road. If that happens someone will come along asking people to get out of the road. Do that. After that wide section of the parade passes, you may go back into the road.

Keep moving. Do not block the view of spectators. Don't stand in the road and watch the parade. You'll be blocking someone's view.

If someone gives a tract back to you, smile and say, "Thank you" and move on to the next person.

If several people do not accept tracts it is sometimes good to skip 10 or 20 people. When people see others not accepting something, they tend to also not take it.

Be aware of what is in the parade near you. As you walk along handing out tracts you may be staying near a certain section of the parade. Once I was moving along next to a group in the parade who were supporting a political candidate. The people to whom I was giving million dollar bills thought I was a part of the political campaign and it was not going over well.

Another time I was next to Civil War re-enacters who kept firing their guns. I was going deaf! When things like this happen, step up on the sidewalk (so you are not blocking someone's view) and let the part of the parade you want to avoid go by.

If a parade official or a policeman asks you to get out of the road, do what they ask. Go up onto the sidewalk and continue to hand out tracts. If they ask you to stop handing out tracts, then stop handing out tracts. Find your team leader and let them know what has happened. The only time a parade official spoke with me was in Newburg. He came up behind me... clamped his hand firmly on my shoulder, and said in a gruff voice, "I'm glad to see you here. Keep up the good work."

So... if you are handing out tracts before a parade starts, when the parade reaches you, keep going. Hand out tracts. Be courteous. Be kind and helpful. Smile. Have fun. Be friendly. Enjoy yourself and keep sharing the gospel.

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