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Answering The Critics of Biblical Creation

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01 - Apologetics - What Christians Need To Know

02 - Hot Topics - Controversies

03 - Creation vs. Evolution #1

04 - Creation Vs. Evolution #2

05 - Cornerstones of Evolution Refuted

06 - Refuting Arguments Against Noah's Flood

07 - Did God Use Evolution To Create?

08 - The Gap Theory, An Idea With Holes

09 - Progressive Creation, Preposterous Compromise

10 - Introducing Jonathan Sarfati

11 - The Greatest Show On Earth #1

12 - The Greatest Show On Earth #2

13 - What Science Says About The Age Of The Earth

14 - What the Bible Says About The Age Of The Earth

Evolution Articles



Evolution's Impact On Culture

Evolution and the Bible

One or the the other is true, or both are false,
they both cannot be true.

Jesus, Peter, and other New Testament authors quote Genesis and treat it as real, factual history. Adam and Eve, the flood, and creation are all treated as real events
in the New Testament, exactly as they are described in Genesis.
The Bible does not support evolution as being true.




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