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Religion Kills

These are two tracts that are easy to give out in areas in which people are misinformed about Christianity

Each of these is a business card size tract. The front and back of each card is shown.


Many people do not understand that all religions are exclusive. The question is, which is true? Use the coexist card to introduce people to the idea that Christianity is different. That Christianity is where truth is found... because it is the only place the true God and saviour is found.


Religion kills... this is true.

If you are putting your trust in religion, you will not be saved. Religion is man's attempt to get to God. It is man's attempt to please God. It is man's attempt to manipulate God. It doesn't work.

Only Jesus Christ can save you, and He is not a religion. You are invited by Jesus to come into an eternal relationship with God. A relationship that will save you.


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