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You Can Share The Gospel

This site provides training and ideas for evangelism

Evangelism 101 - Evangelism Methods

This is a series of 16 online evangelism lessons that use videos to teach about evangelism. This evangelism course is designed to provide an overview of evangelism, showing a number of different evangelism methods. It provides a good background for sharing the gospel in any situation. A certificate is available upon completion.

Our Evangelism BoothEvangelism Booth:

Our ministry sets up an evangelism booth at festivals, fairs and parks. This provides a save and easy way for people to be introduced to sharing the gospel with strangers. Sharing the gospel is easy. Visitors come to the booth and ask about the gospel. The booth volunteers answer their questions.

Gospel Tracts:

Tracts are a great way to share the gospel and they serve as an ice breaker to get conversations started. This section shows some of the gospel tracts we use, along with links to the web site where you can purchase them.

Parade Evangelism:

Parades offer a unique opportunity for evangelism. People are sitting around, just waiting for the parade to start. They have time for conversations and typically love getting anything that is free (gospel tracts). We take evangelism teams to parades several times a year.

Use this web site to learn about evangelism and to familiarize yourself with some of the things we do, and the tools we use, before helping at one of our evangelism events.

Christian Apologetics Training

Christian Apologetics Training

Currently two 14 lesson online courses are available. One covers the evidence supporting Biblical creation. The other provides answers to the skeptics and critics of Biblical creation. Both courses are available free.

Each lesson includes a short quiz.

This is the training web site for the Move To Assurance Ministry. You are welcome to use it for your training. Some of the sections have even been designed to make them easy to embed into other web sites.

However, this web site is only about 20% complete. There are many more topics we need to cover and videos we need to produce. We have used existing YouTube videos where possible, but we need to produce some of our own videos to cover topics such as using gospel tracts, sharing the gospel, and to pass on our experience with running successful evangelism booths and outreaches. We have produced six apologetic videos to date, but we really need to get some good video equipment (mainly cameras and lighting), plus volunteers are needed to help with video production, and web design and programming. Can you help?

Answering Humanist AccusationsThis section of our web site answers over 180 accusations against the Bible. These web pages are essentially the first draft of what has become a book... Did God Really Say?. Get your copy ASAP. It's now available on Amazon.


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